the banner

Our dog is nuts.  I just googled this phrase and found 34,400 hits so I guess we are not alone.  Why do we all continue to get dogs who clearly drive us nuts sometimes when we could just get a cat who’s a reasonable companion but also rather content with life?  Never having owned a cat, I won’t comment on this beyond noting that Catbert must have some basis in reality.  Googling 6x the number of hits on google as the phrase above, by the way.

I wonder if the dog thinks her human is nuts.  Or perhaps she associates well with me and spotted our similarities faster than me.  She barks a lot, I talk a lot. We both love the same foods (kibbles don’t sound good to me either).  She wants to say hi to all the other dogs, I want to talk to all the other people.  We both wonder what’s going on around us.  We both need interaction.  We’re both emotionally in tune with others’ concerns – and wear our emotions (perhaps too loudly) on our sleeves.  We love hugs.  We notice those around us and can’t help but make quick conclusions about others, most of which turn out to be wrong.  We often start on the wrong foot (paw) but end up with a new best friend.

But most of all, we both love adventures and exploring.  The photo in the banner captures a rare moment when Tilley was reflecting on the path behind her, with excitement and anticipation for the rest of the journey.  Journals, like photos, are about capturing snippets of life to revisit further down the road.


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