End table 101 pre-req. Part II

Tonight I decided to tackle the mess I left on the end table last night.  Upon further inspection, I like the edges of the table and the legs.  They are orange, made slightly more subtle by a thin layer of platinum.  The top, however, was left in bad shape from last night’s excursions.  Here’s the line I left by repainting water-soluble paint with paint containing water (see last post):


I tried sanding out the line.  I will say that sanding did make the surface prettier, in my opinion.  Orange is quite a statement, so the semi-gloss was really making it LOUD.  Sanding it didn’t do anything for the line, but it did dull out the paint a bit and bring out the metallic nature of the platinum ‘glaze’.  It also dinged up the orange paint and left some white behind.  Oops.

After this experiment, I felt that I was left with no choice but to repaint the top.  I taped off the edges to leave only the flat part exposed and painted it again.  Immediately after each coat, I pulled off the tape to avoid any dangling latex edges.  After two coats two hours apart tonight, the silver is mostly hidden with maybe the occasional shadow.  Here it is with the paint still wet:


You can also see the silver on the edges and the darker shade to the legs.  This definitely looks worse in photos.  I plan on trying the glaze again tomorrow.

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