End table 101 pre-req, part III

As expected, the top of the table was very very orange. I added just the tiniest bit of water to the Thundercloud paint and painted it all over the top, then wiped it off with an old t-shirt.  Then I repeated.  And rubbed with the t -shirt.  Here it is painted:


Ninth lesson: yes, it is better to brush on the over layer along the grain, not against.  THis still holds true if you are wiping it off.  I also wiped along the grain for best result.

This time the paint didn’t re-wet (the whole process took maybe 10 minutes) and the shading was more uniform.  I’m not sure how this compares to my original vision for this end table, but it’s more interesting than when the end table was just plain orange.




It’s still rather shiny for my taste because of the semigloss finish.  While MAYBE semigloss will make an appearance in our bathroom, I’m really not a fan of this finish in any context.  After it dries, I will try to lightly sand before coating it.


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