End table 101 pre-req, part IV (The end of the end table!)

When we left off, the silver “antiquing” on the end table was left to dry.  When I returned 4 days later, it was much better than my previous attempt in that there were no stripes.  I did note that the end table was a bit glossy from the semi-gloss Behr paint that I had used.  To see what I could do about this, I lightly went over the table with a 220 grit sanding block.I did recall my 8th lesson, which is why I had to wait for 4 days before doing this.  This did dull out the finish slightly making things more tolerable but impossible to photograph a different.

This is latex semi-gloss paint and I’m not planning on giving the table a serious workout, so it probably would’ve been find to just bring into the house at this point.  But, this was a practice table and we do have a crazy dog so I decided to put some finish on.  I found that this post by Centsational girl had a lot of good tips along the way, so I decided to take her advice and use a wax finish.

Since I’m lazy and was just going to Home Depot, I didn’t buy any fancy waxes, but I went with $10 Minwax.  While I question my ability to buy paint, I will say that I like this product.  I haven’t used a varnish or polyurethane, but this dried quickly, was super easy and wasn’t messy or terribly smelly.  Most surprisingly, it actually seemed to reduce the shininess!  The natural color didn’t affect the orange at all.

Minwax® Paste Finishing Wax

To apply, I cut an old t-shirt in half along the sides, leaving two full sides as cloths.  The t-shirt happened to be magenta, in case you were wondering if I used a nice white cloth – I did not.  I rubbed one into the Minwax to pick up a small blob and then rubbed the blob on the legs of the table.  I waxed a leg, then wiped it down with a clean part of the same cloth and moved onto the next leg.  I then waxed the surface by rubbing in circles.  I had to rewax my cloth after every leg and a couple times working on the surface.  I made sure to wipe off extra each time leaving no stickiness behind.  Afterward, I walked away from the project for an hour.  Upon return, I used the other half of the t-shirt to buff the wax.  I repeated this whole process a second time.  After the second buffing, I moved the table into the house:

2014-01-18 20.22.05


This table will no doubt look better with a purple rug when we add it.  Here’s another image, with photobomb:

2014-01-18 20.22.57

This photo is more representative of the color.  I give myself a 6 for execution and about a 4 for design on this project. The low rating in execution is for poor choice of paint and the fact that you can still see some of the brush strokes (both with and against the grain – shudder) in the silver.  The heavy duty, thick latex paint kind of makes the whole table look like it is made of plastic since it’s nearly impossible to see the wood texture underneath unless you look carefully.  I might raise the 4 if it looks better with it’s future decor.

But, things are going to get worse before they get better – stay tuned.


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