From sea to shining sea

On August 1st we went to Little River, CA on the Pacific Coast to celebrate with Holly and Dave when they got married.

Exactly one week later, we found ourselves on the Atlantic coast to celebrate with Beth and Max at their wedding on Cape Cod.


3 hour time change = late arrival.

The CA coast is cool and comfortable for men in suits, while we actually went to the beach in swim suits in Cape Cod to bask in the summertime.  The shutters on houses on Cape Cod are for real, unlike the shutters screwed onto our CA house (another post, another day).  The Cape Cod coastline was green with perfectly-scheduled weather while the CA coast was veiled in enchanting fog.  I actually wonder how they landed the original ships on the MA coast amongst all the overgrowth!  But both are amazing and beautiful, just like our friends at the weddings!

Coincidentally, it seems that America the Beautiful was actually written in Falmouth, MA (according to a sign we saw)…making this post title all that much more appropriate.

Needless to say, not much got done around the house these last couple of weeks.  A big congrats to Holly and Dave and Beth and Max!