I grew up outside Chicago, but my husband and I have both spent the better parts of our lives in school earning engineering Ph.D.’s from Stanford and UC Berkeley (go bears…).  We now have jobs at stealth tech startups in Silicon Valley, a plethora of hobbies and love for adventures – and our Aussie (most of the time).

As an eternal student, I’m still not sure what to do with my life, but I know I want to keep trying new things.  This blog is a record of my learning, adventures and projects, which seem to be sorting themselves into categories as I go along.  Since I rarely head in one direction for very long, I suppose it’s no surprise that a document I create is topically-challenged as well.

Since we bought our first home, I’ve spent my fair share of time on the internet to learn about decorating and remodeling.  The urge to repair things runs in my family (hi dad!).  I notice that a lot of blogs refer to parlors, dens, dining rooms, several closets and skills ranging from how to work a saw to complete furniture building skills.  There are modern houses or historic houses.  There are areas where ‘antique’ doesn’t mean a CRT.  This isn’t what we were dealing with when we bought a house in 2013….

This blog includes our saga of what we are doing with our California 1330 sqr ft home that was built in 1956.  (And it poses the question – at what point does a house go from run-down to historic?)  Here I report what I’ve learned by tackling our own projects and I hope that the lessons I’ve learned give you the confidence to get start something and/or the knowledge to get through.  I enjoy sharing the small things that I didn’t think mattered before I started, and I’ll try to be honest.

As for the name: Usually the phrase “life beyond silicon” refers to the next phase of technology.  Well, my day job is the next phase of technology in the great Valley, so this blog is about the rest of my life – or (real) life beyond silicon.

Email me at lifebeyondsilicon AT gmail DOT com



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