It’s been hot and dry here in the Valley, but it feels like a real Midwestern summer so I’m actually thrilled.  Although I am drowning in work (not house work – job work), I am concerned that this blog will end up like the 6 strawberry plants I planted in our backyard.  I’m not totally sure what did them in, but I am sure that both strawberries and blogs need nourishment.  The strawberries have actually been watered and fertilized with fancy organic fertilizer, but, in 4 weeks they’ve gone from this:


to brown, shriveled plant skeletons blending into the soil.  It seems disrespectful to post photos of their lifeless bodies here.  I have learned the following:

1. Do not plant strawberries along your crazed Australian shepherd’s main highway for racing along the fence.  She always chooses to trample the plants instead of jump the rose bush.  I can’t imagine why.

2. Do not plant strawberry plants too deep.  I think this explained the first three deaths.

But, I still can’t figure out what the heck happened.  I don’t know what the former owners had there but they had custom built these planters.  The plants died 1 at a time too. ?????

Anyway, do stay tuned and I promise to broadcast something besides static.  I have lots of interesting stuff going on, but unfortunately my day job pays more so it gets priority.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

-Refinishing a picnic table (I’m learning!)

-Tiling a shower as part of a bathroom redo – in progress now!  (Picked any tile lately?)

-Redecorating the living areas and kitchen, including some shelves and rugs!

-planting more, less dead plants and eating home grown cherries!  (Maybe the strawberries felt intimidated)